Beautiful Social Conduct is More Important than Beautiful Dealings of Commerce

The need for proper observance of Mu'aasharat is of greater importance than Mu'aamalaat. Rectitude in Mu'aamalaat  largely ensures the protection of material wealth while Husn-e-Mu'aasharat  (Beautiful conduct with others) ensures the protection of the hearts of the Muslims. It is quite obvious that the rank of the heart is greater than that of material wealth. In the rectification of Mu'aasharat  is also the protection of the honour and reputation of others. After the protection of Imaan, safeguarding honour and reputation is of the greatest importance. Man is prepared to sacrifice everything in the endeavour to safeguard his honour. On the occasion of Hajja-tul-Widaa, Rasoolullah  sallallahu alayhi wasallam declared the sanctity of the blood, honour and wealth of the Muslimeen. Until the Day of Qiyaamah the honour and reputation of the Believers have been declared sacred. This sanctity cannot, therefore, be violated.

The Mu’aasharat of Islaam is Unique