Islaamic and Non-Islaamic Social Conduct: A Comparison

Even in dressing, our brethren have adopted theconduct and styles of aliens whereas there is no culture which can compare with Islaam in matters of dress. Many rules and restrictions govern the dressing styles and garments of non-Muslims. They are supposed to be liberal and they always proclaim the slogan of freedom. But, in actual fact, they are fettered to numerous restrictions in both dress and eating habits and styles. While the Islaamic style of dressing and eating is one of simplicity, the methods and styles of the non-Muslims have many restrictive etiquettes. Indeed their styles are veritable prisons for those imprisoned in elaborate customary rules pertaining to dressing and eating styles.

There are wonderful Barakaat (blessings) in simplicity. A simple person is saved from many difficulties and hardships. Pomp and pretence bring in their wake numerous difficulties. In contrast, there is sweetness and comfort in simplicity. While everyone desires simplicity and a simple life-style, pride and the thought of disgrace prevent them from adopting a simple conduct of life.

Reformation of Mu'aasharat is imperative since it is an essential branch of the Deen. Just as Salaat and Sawm are compulsory, so too is Mu'aasharat  incumbent. Now a days Mu'aasharat  is not even considered to be a part of the Deen whereas in the Hadeeth many chapters have been compiled in this sphere of life. But, no one was prepared to pay any heed to this vital department of the Sharee'ah. After ages has Allah Ta'aala  now opened the avenue of reformation.

The Aadaab (etiquettes) of Mu'aasharat are continuously disappearing by the day although these are natural things. But, rectitude has in fact vanished from the hearts of people. A greater evil is the laxity of attitude. The capacity to ponder and reflect is absent. If Muslims contemplate, their gaze will reach all sides.

The Remedy for Frustration