The Aadaab of a Promise

  1. Fulfil a promise made. Do not act in conflict with a promise without any valid reason.

  2. Do not make promises in haste.

  3. Do not make promises pertaining to unlawful things. It is not permissible to fulfil such unlawful promises.

  4. Do not make a promise if you have no intention of fulfilling it.

  5. If a child is enticed with something, it will also be a promise which should be honoured. Abdullah Ibne Aamir radhiyallahu anhu  narrates that one day (while he was a child), his mother called him saying that she had something to give to me. Rasoolullaah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  who happened to be present, asked: "What do you intend giving him?" Aamir's radhiyallahu anhu mother replied: "I intend to give him some dates." Rasoolullaah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  commented:

  6. "Verily, if you do not give him anything, a lie will be recorded against you."

The Aadaab of Qarz (Loan)