Aadaab Of Parents

Ahaadeeth pertaining to parents:

  1. Service to parents result in increase in Rizq  (earnings, livelihood) and in longer life.

  2. A gaze of love and mercy cast at parents is the equivalent of an accepted Hajj .

  3. Service to parents is superior to jihaad .

  4. By rendering service to parents, one obtains the thawaab of a Hajj , Umrah and Jihaad .

  5. Jannah lies under the feet of your mother.

  6. Gazing with anger at one's parents is disobedience to parents.

  7. Disobedience to parents is among the Kabaa'ir  (major) sins.

  8. He who is disobedient to parents will be disgraced. (The curse of disgrace is repeated thrice in the Hadeeth).

  9. Abusing parents is among the major sins, even the utterance of a harsh word or a word of disrespect.

  10. Allah   curses the one who displeases his parents.

  11. The one who troubles his parents will be punished here on earth (in addition to the punishment in the Aakhirah ).

  12. The one who disobeys his parents and displeases them, will not enter Jannah. (He will first have to suffer his punishment before being admitted into Jannah ).

  13. The doors of Jahannam  are open for the one who disobeys his parents.

  14. A murderer of parents will be among the worst-punished in the Aakhirah .

  15. The pleasure of the parents is the pleasure of Allah   and the displeasure of parents is the displeasure of Allah  .

  16. Service to parents is among the noblest acts by Allah  .

  17. Parents are either the Jannah  or the Jahannam  of their children. Cultivation of their pleasure leads to Jannah  while displeasing them paves the way to Jahannam .

  18. A mother's du'aa for her children is accepted with swiftness.

  19. Jibraa’eel alayhis salaam  cursed offspring who displease their parents in their old age.

  20. The best door to Jannah  is one's father. Either guard it or destroy it.

  21. Whoever desires increase in earnings and long life should be kind and obedient to parents. Kindness to parents secures forgiveness for sins.

  22. The calamity of disobeying parents will be experienced before death as well as after death.

  23. Neither the Fardh  nor the Nafl  ibaadah  is accepted of a person who is disobedient to his parents.

  24. Among the major sins, the worst is to commit shirk  with Allah Ta’aala . This is followed by the sin of disobedience to parents.

The story of Alqamah radhiyallahu anhu
Relationship with parents

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