Aadaab of Elders

  1. When you are in the company of an elder, do not embark on any activity without his consent.

  2. When the senior makes a request, execute it and also inform him when the task has been accomplished.

  3. When having any work or any request for a senior, approach him directly. Do not forward your request via an intermediary.

  4. Do not extract any service from your seniors (be it your shaykh , Ustaad  or other relatives).

  5. When inviting your shaykh  or Ustaad  (for meals) and it is your intention to invite his associates as well, then do not invite him via your shaykh / Ustaad . Do not tell him to bring along so and so. Do the inviting yourself directly to those whom you intend to call. However, take his permission before inviting his associates. The associate who is invited should seek the consent of the shaykh / Ustaad  before accepting such an invitation, (i.e. where the shaykh has been invited too.)

  6. Listen to their talk attentively.

  7. In the Hadeeth it is said: "Whoever does not honour our elders is not of us." Hence, exercise particular care in this regard. Never be disrespectful to seniors. Since juniors no longer respect their seniors, goodness and blessings have become affected. Bounties come in the wake of respect.

  8. Disrespect is more harmful than sinning.

  9. True Adab  (respect) and Ta'zeem (honour) are related to love and obedience. A mere external display of etiquette and service is not of much worth.

  10. Do not offer such forms of respect which are irksome and hurtful to others.

  11. Juniors should at all times keep in mind the seniority of elders. Do not regard yourself to be equal to seniors.

  12. Juniors should not have the desire that seniors should address them by their titles. They should cherish simplicity and be happy to be called by their names.

  13. In respect and honour afforded to elders, keep in mind the respective ranks of the various elders, e.g. a father's right has priority over the rank of the shaykh  (spiritual mentor).

  14. One's Ustaad  and shaykh   hold great rights over one, hence obey them as far as possible. Keep them happy in all ways. They are the guides who guide one out of the darkness and into the light. They set one on the course leading to the True Beloved, viz. Allah Ta’aala . What greater act of kindness can there be than this?

Aadaab to be Observed by Seniors for juniors