The Negligence & Carelessness Of Muslims

The negligence and carelessness regarding the Aqaa'id(beliefs) , Ibaadaat  (acts of worship) and Mu'aamalaat  (business transactions) of Muslims has reached its peak. If Muslims were recognised strictly according to the proper Islaamic definition of a Muslim, then only a small number from among the 1.2 billion Muslims of the world would be regarded as true Muslims. This will be even more evident when it concerns business deals and financial transactions they would not be regarded as true Muslims since most of their dealings and transactions are, today, very far from the noble standards of Islaam.

Generally, people are regarded as pious and God-fearing Muslims due to their appearance and frequent attendance at the Masaajid. Yet sadly in their shops, factories and offices, they are far away from Islaam and its pure teachings. In their business transactions, they too are involved in all those activities that the non Muslims and rejecters of Islaam are involved in.

Furthermore, there are many people who engage themselves in devotions, lead lives of abstinence and piety and may be regarded as leaders, yet they fail to conduct their dealings. and transactions in the correct manner, though the earning of Halaal  (lawful) sustenance is the soul of every action.

Some people enquired from Imaam Muhammad Ibne Hasan Shaybaani, the most renowned student of Imaam-e-Aazam, Imaam Aboo Haneefah rahmatullahi alayh , that despite having written many books, "You have not written even one book on Tasawwuf  (Mysticism)." He replied, "I have already written it - The Book of Business and the Book of Transactions. The entire field of Tasawwuf is dependant on one's sustenance being lawful and Halaal , and this knowledge can only be gained through these books."

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