The transaction of sealed boxes of unknown value

Sealed boxes are bought and sold in market places and fun fares. Some contain goods worth more than its price and some are even empty. People normally buy these boxes on the pretext of trying their luck. This is not permitted and is a form of gambling.

Various games of children
In some towns little children bet and gamble with almonds, walnuts, marbles, etc.; this is all Haraam and unlawful. In some places pebbles and stones are thrown and bets of money are taken; this is all prohibited and included in gambling.

All those games of chance where betting takes place are regarded as gambling. Any form of assistance to it is also Haraam.

Pigeon flying and kite flying are not permissible nor is betting permissible in them.

Great efforts are made to legalise insurance by naming it 'financial assistance'. But since the current forms are all based on interest and gambling, none of
them are permitted.

The prize winning tickets of shows and exhibitions
Recently, the organisers of exhibitions and shows have invented a new formula to attract more people by issuing entrance tickets with lucky numbers. An
announcement is made that at the end of the show or exhibition, there will be a draw and the lucky person will be given a prize. This is not regarded as open
gambling, because the ticket holder has paid for entry to the show, that was granted to him, and he has received the returns for his money. The intention in
this situation plays a very important part. Any person buying an entrance ticket with the intention of winning the prize will be indulging in a form of gambling. on
the other hand, if a person buys the entrance ticket to see the show and has no intention or desire of winning the prize and wins the prize then this will not be
regarded as gambling.

National Lottery Is Haraam