Make Taubah and Seek Forgiveness From All Concerned People

Before proceeding for Hajj, do sincerely repent for all sins, sincerely Perform two raka’at Nafl with the niyyah of Taubah.The effect of sincerely repenting and then proceeding for Hajj will be, that one will be favoured by Allah Ta’aala and blessed with the strength to continually do good deeds.
Develop a relationship with the pious person for guidance. This will assist you in making a true and sincere Taubah.

Where one had unjustly acquired anything from someone else, that thing should be returned.
Where any form of injustice had been committed, pardon should be sought from the unjustly treated one.
One should seek forgiveness from all those brothers and sisters with whom we normally have dealings.
Ask your near and dear ones, neighbours and friends to overlook and forgive your shortcomings.
Make a request for their du'aa.
Make Musaafahah (shake hands) using both hands when leaving. Do not make Musaafahah with non-Mahrams (those of the opposite sex whom you can marry).

Arrange To Pay All Debts and All Responsibilities
Take with you Halaal Earnings