Some form of hardship will surely face you during this journey. When that happens you should bear with patience and under no circumstances utter such words that can be construed to show impatience, dissatisfaction or displeasure.
Be at your best behaviour amongst your companions. Assist them in their needs. The person who helps his companions on this journey will be regarded as a Mujaahid (one who strives to uplift Islaam).

Avoid Sinful Acts

In spite of all temptations that may come, try your utmost to avoid any sinful act. The Qur'aan has made special mention of this in the verse where Allah says:
"For Hajj are the months well known: If anyone undertakes that duty therein let there be no obscenity, no wickedness nor wrangling in the Hajj."
The Ulamaa have stated that one can never reach unto
Allah until such time that he discards all vain desires and passions.

Endeavour to be Very Punctual in Fardh Salaat
Salaat, Du'aa, Tawaaf and Tilaawat