Travel as a Lover Travelling to the Beloved

  1. Travel the whole journey with the enthusiasm, zeal and longing of a lover travelling to the Beloved.
  2. Consider yourself going to present yourself at the Court of the King of the world.
  3. Consider yourself fortunate indeed to have been invited by Him to join the other exceedingly fortunate ones and that had it not been for His Great Favour you would not have been able to go there.

And He Himself is the One to have placed the desire in our hearts.
"Placing the desire within me is
His Charitable Deed.
The limbs would not move had
He not moved my feet."

While travelling keep alive the du'aa (prayer):
Allah in the same manner that You have in this world moved me towards seeing Your Sacred House, do Favour me in the hereafter with the gaze at Your Blessed Countenance.

Remain Hopeful for Acceptance

  1. Do continue to beg and hope that Allah accept the good deed we offer. He is the (Most) Gracious and Generous.
  2. Each and everyone should hope for His Generosity.
  3. One should have hope that one's acts will be acceptable and still have the notions that because of our faults they may not be of an acceptable nature.

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