The Qurbaani meat and skin

Mas'alah: It is permissible to eat the Qurbaani meat. It can also be distributed to relatives and friends whether wealthy or poor, Muslims or non-Muslims. It is better to divide it into three parts. One for the family, one for relatives and friends and one for the poor and needy.
Mas'alah: The skin of the Qurbaani animal can be kept for personal use, e.g. using it as a prayer-mat, water bag etc.
Mas'alah: If the skin of the Qurbaani animal is sold, then it is waajib to give that amount in Sadaqah to the poor (i.e. those who are eligible for zakaat).
Mas'alah: It is not permissible to give meat, fat, etc. of the sacrificed animal to the butcher as his wages.
Mas'alah: The meat of the animal slaughtered by partners should be sharedby weight and not by estimation.
Mas'alah: The rope, cover, etc. of the animal should be given away as Sadaqah.

Qurbaani on Behalf of the Deceased