Any adoration (ibaadah), whether physical or pecuniary (involving wealth), can only be correct if performed strictly according to the principles of Sharee'ah. Qurbaani is also one of the ibaadaat and it will be rendered invalid if the principles laid down by the Sharee'ah are not followed precisely in its execution. As the lack of Islaamic knowledge is widely prevalent and the ibaadah Qurbaani is such that it is performed only on three fixed days in a year, people are found to be committing many mistakes.

  1. Some people while slaughtering the animal place the knife before the Adam's apple (thyroid cartilage). Majority of the Fuqahaa (jurists) declare this to be Haraam (forbidden). The animal should be slaughtered by placing the knife after the Adam's apple.
  2. Some people perform Qurbaani and allocate one share of (a large animal) on behalf of the whole Ummah or their deceased relatives. It is incorrect because only seven shares are allowed in one large animal and not more. The correct method of conveying the thawaab of Qurbaani to the whole Ummah or the deceased relatives is to perform the Qurbaani from one's own self and thereafter conveying thawaab to the whole Ummah or the deceased relatives.
  3. If the deceased has made wasiyyat to perform Qurbaani from his asset then it is waajib to distribute the meat of that Qurbaani to the poor only. If the Qurbaani is not performed from the wealth of the deceased then it can be consumed by all.
  4. Some people assume Qurbaani to be waajib upon their children just as Sadaqah Fitr. This is incorrect.

Zil Hijjah

Ten Days of Zil Hijjah