Whenever one enters the Masjid, one should remain conscious of these etiquettes:

  1. It is preferable that one performs two rak'at tahiyyatul Masjid upon entry into the Masjid as long as it is not Makrooh time.

  2. Note: It is Makrooh tahreemi to perform Nafl Salaat between sub'h saadiq and 15-20 minutes after sunrise. Therefore, one should not perform tahiyyat-ul-wuzoo and tahiyyatul Masjid at this time too. However performance of Qadhaa Salaat, Sajdah Tilaawat and Janaazah Salaat is permissible. One should take note that every form of Salaat is impermissible at sunrise, mid-day and sunset and it is haraam to perform Sajdah (at these three times). There is no harm in engaging ones self in Zikr and Tilaawat.
  3. It is more virtuous to sit in the first row. However, if place is not available, one should sit wherever he finds place. It is not permissible to leap over the shoulders of people in order to advance forward.
  4. Do not make noise or disturbance in the Masjid.
  5. Do not enter the Masjid after consuming anything which gives out offensive smell, e.g. tobacco, raw onions and garlic, radish, etc.
  6. Do not indulge in worldly talk. Do not engage in any activity which disturb those engaged in Salaat or Zikr.
  7. Do not engage in buying and selling of any kind in the Masjid.
  8. Do not distract those who are already busy in Tilaawat and Zikr by greeting them. However, if someone not occupied in Zikr, etc, turns to you on his own accord, then there is no harm in greeting him.
  9. If one desires to perform Sunnats or Nawaafil, one should perform them in a place where there is no likelihood of anyone passing in front him whilst in Salaat. Some people begin their Salaat in the back rows, when there are places vacant in the front rows in front of them, due to which people find it difficult to pass. It is not proper to cause inconvenience and harm to others. If someone is compelled to walk across such people performing Salaat, the sin of this walking will be upon the one performing Salaat.
  10. When Jamaa’at begins, the first rows should be completed first, with both the right and left hand sides balanced equally. It is improper to stand in a back row, if space is vacant in front.
  11. Engage in Zikr and Tilaawat silently, if people are performing Salaat.
  12. Neither spit nor stretch your legs towards the Qiblah.
  13. Neither search nor make announcements for items lost outside, in the Masjid.