"Those who strive in Our Path, We will most assuredly guide them to wards Our Paths."


"Fudhaalah Kaamil narrates that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

'The Mujaahid is he who makes jihaad (strives) in the obedience of Allah."


The Nature of Mujaahidah

The reality in Mujaahidah consists of the habitual practice of opposing the nafs (man's lowly desire). In other words, to check and control the physical, monetary, egoistical and mundane desires, delights and preferences of the nafs in the pursuit of the Pleasure and Obedience of Allah Ta’aalaa.

Two types of benefits accrue to the nafs.

  1. Huqooq. Huqooq (rights or obligations) are such benefits necessary for the endurance and existence of the physical body and life.
  2. Huzooz. Huzooz (pleasures, delights, luxuries) are benefits in excess to the Huqooq.

Mujaahidah and Riyaazat (abstinence-forms of austere exercises designed to establish the control of the mind over matter) are directed towards the Huzooz. In Mujaahidah, reduction or total abstention from the Huzooz. (pleasures) are advocated. (Pleasures here refer to lawful pleasures and not to such pleasures which are forbidden in the Shariat). In the employment of Mujaahidah, the Huqooq (rights and obligations) are not destroyed, for such destruction is contrary to the Sunnat. The Hadith Shareef states:

"Verily, your nafs has a haqq (right) over you..."

Destruction of the huqooq brings about physical weakness and the health deteriorates. When this happens, one finds it difficult to execute even the necessary duties and Ibaadaat.

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