Moderation in Mujaahidah

The purpose of Mujaahidah is not to depress and frustrate the nafs, but is to habituate the nafs to difficulty and to eliminate the habit of comfort and luxury. For this purpose that amount of Mujaahidah is sufficient which brings some difficulty on the nafs. It is of no benefit to impose excessive strain on the nafs and frustrating it. Excessive strain will render the nafs useless. Understand this well. Effort and trial are not always and in all conditions meritorious. It is desirable if in moderation resulting in beneficial progress. Excess in Mujaahidah is contemptible, hence observance of moderation is incumbent. Shaikh Sa'dee (Rahmatullah Alayh) echoes this in the couplet:

Eat not so much that it spills from the mouth

Eat not so less that the body is overcome with weakness.

Allah Ta'ala says in the Qur'aan Shareef:

"(The servants of Allah are) those who when they spend, do not waste nor are they miserly. But, between these (extremes of waste and miserliness) they are moderate."

Moderation has therefore to be observed in Mujaahidah. But, this moderation should not be prescribed by one's own opinion and desire. The degree of moderation and the method of Mujaahidah should be acquired from a Muhaqqiq (a Shaikh qualified in Tasawwuf and who has been authorized by some spiritual master to spiritually train others).

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