Riyaazat and Mujaahidah have two fundamentals (Rukn):

  1. Mujaahidah Jismaanee or Mujaahidah ljmaalee (i.e., the physical Mujaahidah explained earlier).
  2. Mujaahidah Nafsaanee or Mujaahidah Tafseelee (i.e. the Mujaahidah of opposition explained earlier).

Mujaahidah Ijmaalee has four fundamentals as stated above. In these acts (viz., reduction in food, speech, sleep and association) it is necessary to adopt moderation in accordance with the instruction of a Shaikh-e- Kaamil (a spiritual guide qualified in this field). Neither is there to be excessive indulgence in these acts because the result will be indolence and negligence, nor should there be excessive reduction, for the consequence will be physical weakness.

The second Rukn viz. Mujaahidah Tafseelee, is divided into two classes:

  1. Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah: Beautiful and virtuous qualities.
  2. Akhlaaq-e-Razeelah: Evil qualities.

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