There are two kinds of Akhlaaq-e-Baatiniyah (internal attributes). One type is related to the heart and the other to the nafs. Akhlaaq-e-Baatiniyah related to the heart are called Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah (the Beautiful Attributes) and Malakaat-e- Faazilah (the Excellent Faculties). These are also referred to as Maqaamaat. They consist of:

Tauheed, Ikhlaas, Taubah, Muhabbat-e-ilaahi, Zuhd, Tawakkul, Qanaa'at, Hilm, Sabr, Shukr, Sidq, Tafweez, Tasleem, Ridhaa, fanaa, and fanaa-ul-fanaa. (These will be dealt with in detail further on).

The type of Akhlaaq-e-Baatiniyah related to the Nafs are called Akhlaaq-e-Razeelah (The Despicable Attributes). They are:

Tam’a, Toolul amal (greed of longer desires), Ghussah, Daroogh, Gheebat, Hasad, Bukhl, Riyaa, Ujub, Kibr, Hiqd, Hubb-e-maal, Hubb-e-Jaah, Hubb-e-dunya.

The process of purifying the nafs from these attributes is called Tazkiyah-e-Nafs. In this regard, Allah Ta'ala says:

"He who has made Tazkiyah (purified) his nafs, verily, he has attained success."

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