Allah Ta'aalaa has blessed us with in-numerous gifts and favours, one of which is wealth. The Ahaadeeth of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam encourage a Muslim to earn this favour of wealth through Halaal  means and spend it in causes which bring the Pleasure of Allah . If Halaal  wealth is a source of blessings, mercy, comfort, peace and tranquillity, then Haraam wealth will bring calamities, misfortunes and harm from all four sides.

Wealth acquired through gambling is unlawful and the Qur'aan and Ahaadeeth have condemned the act of gambling which brings loss, not only in the life Hereafter, but also in this very world. It is explicitly clear from the verses of the Qur'aan  and the Ahaadeeth of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that:

  1. Gambling (,) is a major sin,
  2. All forms of gambling (,) are prohibited,
  3. The harms of gambling (,) are far more greater than its paltry benefits,
  4. It is from Shaytaan's work,
  5. It creates hatred and enmity amongst gamblers,
  6. It prevents the gambler from the remembrance of Allah  and Salaat,
  7. Success lies in abstaining from this evil.

In this materialistic western society, where material gains and achievements play a vital role in each individual's life, the commands of Allah  regarding Halaal and Haraam are being neglected. Earning Halaal  livelihood and protecting one's self from Haraam has become one of the most difficult tasks, even for those who are considered religious. Greed for wealth is dictating everyone's life and each person very easily becomes the victim of the Nafs and Shaytaan. The latest example is the evil of the National Lottery which has attracted the attention of all, old and young alike.

We appeal to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters to read this Article with great care and attention and abstain from this great evil.
Remember! Wealth is a gift from Allah  ; it is a trust regarding which we will be questioned on the Day of Qiyaamah as to how it was earned and where it was spent.

It is not wealth that brings happiness; instead it is the Pleasure of Allah  that guarantees peace, happiness success, tranquillity and contentment of the heart.


Whosoever desires the transitory things of this world, We will readily give him therein that which We will for whom We please. And afterwards We have appointed Hell for him; he will burn therein, disgraced, rejected.
And whosoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it with the effort necessary, being a believer, for such their effort will find favour (with their Lord).


The Negligence & Carelessness Of Muslims