Some Forms Of Gambling

Hadhrat Ali  radhiyallahu anhu  says that chess is gambling. He also says that the betting by children on walnuts is gambling. Hadhrat Raashid Ibne Sa'ad and Hadhrat Hamzah Ibne Habeeb are also of the view that the games of betting little children play with sticks, walnuts, eggs, etc. is also regarded as gambling.

From the definition of gambling and from the explanation of Sahaabah  radhiyallahu  anhum  and Taabi'een, it becomes evident that the under-mentioned games of today are also forms of gambling and falls under the severe warnings mentioned in the Qur'aan regarding gambling.

Horse Racing
The present-day horse racing where one stakes a certain amount on a particular horse is in fact gambling. It is exactly that form, where loss and gain is based on
something indistinct, where one person loses his initial amount and the other wins a substantial amount.

All lotteries are also gambling and not allowed. Gambling has taken hundreds of forms, which are present in businesses and market places. The viewpoint and some common types are mentioned here.

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