Crossword Puzzle

This form of gambling has become more like an epidemic nowadays. It is a big business for newspapers and monthly magazines. Various types and forms of crosswords are published and it is advertised that whoever solves them correctly and encloses a certain amount, when posting it to the company concerned, stands a chance of winning a certain amount of money or a certain prize if, he is the lucky one at the time of the draw. Some companies fix substantial amounts of cash as the prize money.
As a result, the poor masses, seeing that the entry fee is so small and negligible and there is a chance of winning a substantial amount, enter by the thousands. This is open gambling where a person stakes an amount in this indistinct way that either he loses that amount or wins a substantial amount. This in Sharee'ah is known as gambling. In some monthly magazines this form of gambling has expanded very widely and the income runs into millions. Even if the company does not indulge in any form of cheating, and distributes the prize money justly, thousands of dollars & pounds are left over which is the blood and sweat of the poor classes. Consequently, the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. In the Islaamic economic system, basically, it has been very severely opposed that the wealth of the masses be owned by a handful of people. This reason is sufficient for the prohibition of gambling.

This gambling in the form of crosswords is a very detrimental form, and a collection of thousands of sins. This form openly invites the general public to
participate in it and go against the commands of Allah and His Rasool sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Every Muslim who participates in this is defying the Qur'aan
and is guilty of committing a major sin.
The burden of this sin is placed on the shoulders of the people responsible for organising this. Any person who renders any form of assistance to such a business will also be a partner in sin. In this manner thousands of Muslims at one time openly indulge in that which is undoubtedly Haraam and against the clear command of the Qur'aan. There are hundreds of Muslims who indulge in this Haraam act. The unending chain of evil and sin continues.
May Allah Most High save all Muslims from this crime and misfortune

The transaction of sealed boxes of unknown value